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Project Name:                     Egyptian Railway Renovations Project
Client Name:                     Egyptian Railway   (   Ministry   Transport)
Consultant Name:             U.G.C.   (   United   Group   Consultant )
Main Contractor name:   Wadi El Nil   Contracting   &   Real Estate Investment   Co.
Products Used:                 Steel   and   wooden   Doors  Hardware
Scope of Work:                 Supply   Only                       

Project Name:                     Cairo  Sheraton,  Cleopatra  Tower  Renovation
Client Name:                      Cairo  Sheraton
Consultant Name:             Atef  ayoub  Consultant  & Engineers
Main Contractor name:     Doimo  Egypt  Contacting
Products Used:                    Laidlaw  , UK  -  Hafele  -  Germany
Scope of Work:                    Supply   Only